„MainSky Asset Management -
one step ahead of the market“

Since 2001, our company has stood for bank-independent asset management with a focus on family assets, family offices and institutional investors. We are specialists in the investment of liquid assets and pursue a clearly structured investment process that has led to consistently good results in our portfolios. In crisis years in particular, this demonstrates the superiority of a good investment approach - we were able to achieve real capital preservation in our portfolios for our investors both during the financial market crisis in 2008 and during the euro crisis in 2012.

Our range of services includes both absolute return strategies and benchmark-oriented solutions. You can choose between an individual mandate or asset management or an investment in one of the three MainSky mutual funds. With a team of 8 employees, the company manages a total of approximately € 620 million. Our management team is characterised by a healthy mixture of highly experienced portfolio managers and analysts as well as young, excellently trained employees. MainSky is a financial portfolio manager according to § 32 KWG and is subject to the supervision of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the BaFin.

The MainSky Values & Principles

Corporate success requires a foundation of clearly defined values and principles:


As an independent provider, we have no conflicts of interest and are committed exclusively to our mandate. This ensures that your interests and ours are aligned.

Active Portfolio Management & Freedom of Choice

We are active managers, do not stick to benchmarks and our portfolio managers are free to make charismatic, even non-consensual decisions.

Continuity & Stability

The owner-managed structure guarantees continuity in the further development of the company philosophy and ensures a high stability of the team.

Responsibility & Sustainability

We also review our investments according to ethical, social and sustainable criteria. The MainSky principle is to exclude critical investments  and - if possible - to achieve a positive ecological impact through investment decisions.


The results of our own primary research - which form the basis for investment decisions - are regularly published on our blog. This enables our investors to understand the orientation of MainSky's mandates transparently.

MainSky Funds

Invest flexibly - generate absolute returns.This is the philosophy of MainSky funds:

Bond Absolute Return

Absolute returns – uncorrelated with the performance of the bond markets.

Bond Absolute Return

The Bond Absolute Return Fund offers access to various uncorrelated strategies in the fixed income markets of developed economies. The fund utilises up to seven alpha sources for this: duration, yield curve positions, cross-market trades, money market positions, changes in spreads, and option strategies.
Similarly, the fund may take advantage of the income potential of inflation-indexed bonds. The target return is 3-5% p.a.

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Bond Opportunities Fund

Exploit opportunities in global bond markets.

Bond Opportunities Funds

The Bond Opportunities Fund makes versatile use of the performance potential of the global bond markets. Its focus is on Europe, depending on the earnings prospects, positions in global bond markets are added.
The fund employs an opportunistic approach; the main sources of performance are country and sector allocation, duration management, and bond selection. The fund pursues an absolute return target of 5-7% p.a.

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Macro Navigation Fund

NEED TRANSLATION! Aktienorientierter Mischfonds - an langfristigen makroökonomischen und geopolitischen Entwicklungen profitieren.

NEED TRANSLATION! Der MainSky Macro Navigation Fund bietet Zugang zu einem global diversifizierten Aktienportfolio, welches von strukturellen makroökonomischen und geopolitischen Entwicklungen profitiert. Renten können beigemischt werden, die Aktienselektion erfolgt mit Hilfe eines Faktoransatzes.

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MainSky Track-Record

2008 Lehmann- insolvency 2009 DAX-low in global financial crisis 2010 Greek dept crisis 2011 EU dept crisis 2012 Draghi: „whatever it takes“ 2013 „Taper Tandrum“ 2015 Oil price collapse 2016 Brexit & Trump 2017 „Trade war“ 2014 Crimea crisis

2008 - Lehmann

The bankruptcy of various global banks is bringing the global financial system to the verge of collapse.

2009 - Dax low

On March 6, the DAX reached its low at 3,666 points.

2010 - Greek dept crisis

In May 2010, the euro countries and the IMF are putting together a first, 110 billion, rescue package for Greece.

2011 - EU dept crisis

The euro crisis affects Spain, Portugal and Italy.

2012 - Draghi: „whatever it takes“

ECB President Draghi reaffirms the 'irreversibility' of the euro and can thus calm the markets and prevent escalation in the euro crisis.

2013 - „Taper Tandrum“

2013 - „Taper Tandrum“

Fed Chairman Ben Beranke's announcement that bond purchases will be phasing out is causing panic among financial markets.

2014 - Crimea crisis

Political tensions between Russia and the EU are escalating with the annexation of Crimea by Russian troops in March 2014.

2015 - Oil price collapse

The oil price plummets to USD 40 in February 2016, fueling concerns about a global recession.

2016 - Brexit & Trump

The British are surprisingly in favor of the 'Brexit' in June 2016, thus ensuring a sell-off, especially for bank shares.

2017 - „Trade war“

US President Trump stirs fears of a global trade war.

MainSky Awards

MainSky Asset Management AG was named one of Citywire's top 50 independent asset managers in Germany in September 2017.  

Telos Rating certifies the Bond Absolute Return fund with the rating of AA+ very high quality standards.  

Citywire rated Dr. Eckhard Schulte, the fund manager of the Bond Opportunities Fund, with 'A'.  

Morningstar's 5-star Bond Opportunities Fund holds the top grade in the 'Euro Diversified Bond Funds' class.