Green Bonds

Value through active management in a progressive market.

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The Green Bond Market

is one of the greatest success stories on the global bond markets.

This year, a record volume of approximately USD 350 billion in bonds will be issued to finance environmentally friendly projects. At the beginning of September, the German government issued the first green federal bond, thus making the segment even better known and more attractive. Nevertheless, investors have to pay attention to some special features of this market and learn to avoid pitfalls such as so-called "greenwashing" in order to invest successfully and purposefully.

In this webinar, MainSky Asset Management in cooperation with DIE STIFTUNG will show how an efficient investment in Green Bonds can be made and discuss why an active management approach in this young and emerging market segment in particular represents a significant added value compared to a passive investment.

You can expect
  • Understanding this young and growing segment: What are Green Bonds and what distinguishes them from regular bonds.
  • How an efficient investment into green bonds should look like.
  • Advantages of an active management approach, compared to passive investment
  • How to avoid „greenwashing“
  • Discussion, questions and outlook

Recording of the seminar

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Interesting details about MainSky seminars

The MainSky Web Seminar 'Green Bonds' is held in cooperation with ‚Die Stiftung'.

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