2008 Lehmann- insolvency 2009 DAX-low in global financial crisis 2010 Greek dept crisis 2011 EU dept crisis 2012 Draghi: „whatever it takes“ 2013 „Taper Tandrum“ 2015 Oil price collapse 2016 Brexit & Trump 2017 „Trade war“ 2014 Crimea crisis

2008 - Lehmann

The bankruptcy of various global banks is bringing the global financial system to the verge of collapse.

2009 - Dax low

On March 6, the DAX reached its low at 3,666 points.

2010 - Greek dept crisis

In May 2010, the euro countries and the IMF are putting together a first, 110 billion, rescue package for Greece.

2011 - EU dept crisis

The euro crisis affects Spain, Portugal and Italy.

2012 - Draghi: „whatever it takes“

ECB President Draghi reaffirms the 'irreversibility' of the euro and can thus calm the markets and prevent escalation in the euro crisis.

2013 - „Taper Tandrum“

2013 - „Taper Tandrum“

Fed Chairman Ben Beranke's announcement that bond purchases will be phasing out is causing panic among financial markets.

2014 - Crimea crisis

Political tensions between Russia and the EU are escalating with the annexation of Crimea by Russian troops in March 2014.

2015 - Oil price collapse

The oil price plummets to USD 40 in February 2016, fueling concerns about a global recession.

2016 - Brexit & Trump

The British are surprisingly in favor of the 'Brexit' in June 2016, thus ensuring a sell-off, especially for bank shares.

2017 - „Trade war“

US President Trump stirs fears of a global trade war.

Performance MainSky Asset Allocation Mandate

The MainSky Asset Allocation Mandate has delivered positive real returns since 2007, regardless of the market environment

This conservative balanced mandate has been managed for a pension institution since 2007 with the aim of positive real rate of return (absolute return) and may invest up to a maximum of 30% in global equities. At least 70% is allocated in bonds (government bonds, mortgage bonds and euro investment grade corporate bonds); the benchmark is Eonia +150bp. To build on our investment process, we also actively manage equity exposure and the defensive portfolio section. Implementation in the equity portion is undertaken passively by investing in ETFs. Single value investments or "stock picking" is not undertaken. On the fixed income side, bond selection is conducted.

  • Return since inception 4.20% p.a. (after all costs).
  • Low annualised volatility of 2.40% and historical VaR (99%, 10 days) of ca. 1%.
  • Maximum drawdown of -3.5% (from 22 May 2013 to 24 June 2013);      value for 2008: -2.6%.
  • No negative year; including a positive performance of 5.3% in 2008.
  • Outperformance as of the benchmark (Eonia +1.5%) by 1.57% p.a. since inception.


Past investment performance and investment objectives are no guarantee for future performance. This can be either higher or lower. This information material does not contain any offer to purchase or subscribe securities, nor is it an invitation to such an offer. The information in this document is intended solely for illustration and discussion and does not constitute any advice. Specified value, price or rate movements cannot be guaranteed for the future. Price targets or forecasts mentioned in this information may not be achieved.

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